Building : 02. Domain Registration, Github and a Financial Model

Domain Name

The first thing I wanted to do was secure the domain name. I like to match up my project and asset names with the domain name and I didn't want to risk getting everything setup only to find that I had to change names. I typically manage all of my domain name registrations and dns at GoDaddy but I knew I wanted a .io domain name and I found that NameCheap was, in fact, cheaper. $59.99 at GoDaddy vs $32.88 at NameCheap. I'm funding this from my own pocket as a side project so this time cheapest wins. There isn't much variation in service in terms of registering a name and setting up DNS records so I'm ok with going with the cheaper option.


Revision control is not only good for source code but also for tracking changes to business documents as well. We need a place to store our docs so that they are secure and changes are traceable. I'm going to use GitHub for storing our business documents in addition to our source code.

Setup TheHarbinger.Docs Repo
Nothing too fancy here. Create a GitHub account if you don't already have one and I'm going to create a public repo to hold the docs that we create over the life of the project.

Turn off features we don't need
For the docs we won't need a wiki, issues or projects so we can turn those features off.

Protect the master branch
I want to make sure the master branch can't be accidentally deleted so we'll set it as a protected branch.

Checkout the git repo locally
Now that I have a place to store the docs I can check it out on my local machine.
git clone

Financial Model

An important aspect of any business and especially a self-funded one is keeping track of what you spend. Also it is important to keep separate your personal vs business spending. At some point, after our minimum viable product (MVP) is ready we'll need a real checking account to link our payment processor to but for now I'll just track spending in a spreadsheet.

Also important is your financial model. This takes into account your expenditures and your income and also shows you what your burn rate is and if/when you'll make a profit. Getting the financial model takes time and patience but it's important to start it from day one so we'll create a simple spreadsheet now and capture our domain registration cost.

For right now I'm just doing the simplest thing I can think of and creating an Expenses.xlsx spreadsheet with the domain name registration cost and also a Financial Model.xlsx spreadsheet that I will fill in later. It doesn't seem too important right now to dive into that yet.

Both of those spreadsheets I put in the \Finance folder of the git repo.

Next Steps

With the domain name registered, a git repo created for the docs and initial expense tracked I'm ready to move on to defining the project and extracting specifications around what the application will need to do. See you in the next post!

Wes Shaddix

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