Building : 04. Iteration 1 Planning - Health checks

In this first iteration there will be a lot of stuff to do in order to get the ball rolling since right now nothing exists. No requirements, no software project, no automated build/deployment pipeline, no hosting environment, etc. For that reason, I want to tackle something really small to start with so that I can focus on setting up the environment for the project and not get bogged down in complicated business rules to implement.

I've chosen to implement health checks as the first feature that we will deliver. It's about as simple to understand as anything in the system and will allow us to get the ball rolling so that future iterations will be easier.

Every SDLC in some way covers planning/analysis/design/development/testing/deployment phases. Some more than others but I'm not going to get hung up on following a specific process .... instead I'll just make sure to cover each step in sufficient detail so that it's clear what to build.


The basic idea is that we want a way to know if the system is up. The system would be the api and the web ui. If either of those components are unavailable then the system is considered "down".

To get started I'm going to go to my project board for the api and create three columns named Backlog, In Progress and Done. This is the simplest thing that can work right now and I imagine we'll expand this as we go.

Next I'm going to add the health check issue to the In Progress column because we are now actively working on it.
While I'm at it I'll go ahead and put the other issues in the backlog.

Wes Shaddix

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